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Over the past two years, I've continued to grow my business by finding new ways to automate my business. Now, I'm passionate about equipping fellow business owners to do the same. Together, we'll dive into the intricacies of five powerhouse platforms that have redefined my efficiency and productivity: Notion, SHOUT, Flodesk, Manychat, and Zapier. Whether you're organizing projects with Notion, amplifying marketing efforts with SHOUT and Flodesk, engaging customers with Manychat, or orchestrating seamless integrations with Zapier, our subscription equips you with the knowledge and tools to streamline operations and supercharge growth. Receive in-depth tutorials, actionable tips, and personalized guidance tailored to each platform, all conveniently delivered to your phone every week. Elevate your business to new heights with our subscription and unlock the full potential of automation!

The Power of


Automation has given me more time, and allows me to be more productive And helped me provide high-level service for my customers, making sure that no one is left behind and nothing is forgotten. Automation is a game changer!

Sarah Bonham

Having Samantha automate our business has been a game changer! She has come up with multiple other automations aside from what we thought we needed and it has truly transformed our communication with our community! She has saved us hours and hours of time of course but more importantly, has saved us stress and has helped with any issues we’ve had along the way also saving us frustration! Automation has helped us like i mentioned, improve communication and allows our members to stay in the know!

Rachael Nicastro

Power of Automation Bootcamp



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Valid until canceled

Daily Training Prompts (First 5 Weeks)

Weekly Implementation Ideas & Tutorials (Weeks 6+)

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